Legislation overviews


Semion Epshtein, Managing Partner at Padva & Epshtein, will participate in the Days of Czech and Slovak Business in Russia.


The Customs: export duties set to change
A new federal law No 232-FZ dated 13 October 2009 “On introduction of amendments to articles 138 and 325 of the Customs Code of the Russian Federation” has been published.

Limit and cut off
Government decree No 785 dated 2 October 2009 “On introduction of amendments to certain acts of the Government of the Russian Federation in connection with the operation of electricity retail markets” will take effect on 19 October 2009.


All services at one counter
The Rules for organization of activity of multifunctional government (municipal) service centres will take effect on 1 January 2010.

The complete version of the review is provided in the Russian language only. If you have any questions regarding the novels of the legislation, please contact any of our offices.

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