Legislation overviews

The list of products subject to obligatory certification has been approved - Procedure for reimbursement of electricity costs from the federal budget to constituent entities of the RF has been changed - Internal control introduced for auditors - Amendments to Federal Law “On Insolvency” (bankruptcy)” - Consumers and small businesses vs. retail chains - Writing off tax bad debts to be regulated by law - Universal succession implies that obligations under arbitration tribunal agreement “are inherited”
Rules for allocation of maternity capital have changed - In the memory of Russians who performed their duty outside their homeland - Individual bankruptcy - Investments in special economic zones to become easier - New rights and obligations of government security issuers - Is a company that instructed a registrar to keep its shareholders register free from the responsibility for keeping and storing such register? - Operational use of the armed forces of the Russian Federation outside the territory of the Russian Federation - Temporary restriction on right to exit imposed on individuals who have criminal convictions is neither arbitrary nor excessive - Application of simplified taxation system - Official clarification of the Directives of the Bank of Russia - Stricter administrative liability for violation of aviation safety regulations
Population census to provide more accurate results - The General Prosecutor to serve longer - Rules of communication between the Government and judicial authorities have been clarified - Work permits quota for foreign citizens to be reduced by half next year - No rush to re-register OOOs - The Supreme Arbitration Court has clarified the privilege terms of selling property owned by constituent entities of the RF and municipal formations to its leaseholder - small and medium business - Defence lawyers may let you to make a phone call
Development of the Energy Strategy of the Russian Federation - Periodicity of inspections established - Refinancing rate of the Central Bank - Abolishing licenses in construction industry - What are your complaints? - Client ought to be checked - «Electronic guardian» to protect interests of legal entities - New rules for appraisers - Cinemas’ revenue to be counted by computer - Charging rent when you buy
Capital punishment has been sentenced - Mandatory audit licenses abolished from 2010 - Excise and transportation tax set to stay the same - Specific features of assignment of right of claim under loan agreements - Charges for housing maintenance service in Moscow are set to rise again - All immovable property may soon be registered and accounted for - Draft bill on improving energy efficiency remains a draft - A new way to appoint and pay to the arbitration manager - Municipal entity to pay from its coffers for the actions of its administration
The President of the Russian Federation has signed Federal Constitutional law “On Judicial Disciplinary Tribunal” - The President of the Russian Federation has signed Federal law “On introducing amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation in connection with improvement of the legislation on disciplinary responsibility of judges” - Amendments have been made to the Code of Administrative Offences - The President of the Russian Federation has signed Federal law “On ratification of the Convention between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on avoidance of double taxation and prevention of tax evasion with regards to tax on income and capital” - The President of the Russian Federation has signed Federal law “On ratification of the Convention between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Botswana on avoidance of double taxation and prevention of income tax evasion” - The Government of the Russian Federation by its Decree No 903 dated 9 November 2009 approved the Rules for providing accommodation owned by federal government to citizens released from military service - On 9 November 2009 the Constitutional Court of the RF ruled that electoral associations shall have the right to make amendments to their proposed list of candidates. However, no candidate should be struck off the list arbitrarily or for reasons of discrimination - On 10 November 2009 the Constitutional Court of the RF acknowledged that the current legislation fails to establish a legal framework that would provide accommodation to disabled victims of Chernobyl - On 11 November 2009 a draft bill proposing to cancel limited liability companies re-registration period was presented to the State Duma -On 9 November 2009 the official web site of the Ministry of Finance published its third information statement clarifying certain issues with regards to new Federal law No 307-FZ dated 30 December 2008 “On auditing”
Cutting down refinancing rate - The program for auditors qualification examination has been changed - The deadline for re-registration of Articles of Association of limited liability companies may by extended - Transportation and excise tax rates to go up - Official clarifications of the provisions of LLC re-registration law - Certain issues relating to proceedings brought in connection with abuse of, and exceeding official power - Cancellation of certain legislative regulations on the sale of property owned by unitary enterprises under liquidation - Сredit agreements may provide for dispute hearing at the location of the bank
Protectionist policies in customs relations - Preliminary declaration of goods - Delineation of powers - Significance of banks’ financial statements - Licensing hazardous facilities - Limiting the circle of people authorized to issue bank guarantees - Tougher measures in the securities market - Establishing Disciplinary Judicial Tribunal - Using cash register equipment by payers of the uniform tax on imputed earnings
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