Arbitration court practice

Judicial protection is one of the most effective ways of protecting one’s infringed rights and lawful interests. We represent our clients in courts of all levels and instances, including the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation. We also provide services at the executory process stage.

Our litigation lawyers will provide legal aid at the pre-trial stage of dispute adjustment and claims processing, evaluate the prospects of court resolution of a dispute, develop a case-winning strategy based on litigation experience and the client’s specific business goals, and conduct the trial.

Arbitration practice services offered by Padva&Epshtein include:

  • Assets and property title protection disputes
  • Corporate disputes
  • Disputes over real estate objects
  • Disputes over “troublesome” bank-seized assets
  • Disputes on collection of accounts payables and accounts receivables
  • Disputes arising out of construction contracts
  • Disputes arising out of investment contracts
  • Representing the client’s interests in the executory process
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