Tax law and tax disputes

Structuring a company’s business in full compliance with tax law regulations and its pragmatic applicability has always been a precondition of security and stability of such business. In times of financial crisis the state fisc experiences significant decrease of tax revenues, and tax agencies effect specific control measures. Therefore the requirement for qualified tax legal support of business operation becomes vitally important.

Our lawyers specializing in this practice area protect the interests of the clients representing them in tax offices and courts. In a number of cases we observe that most efficient measures are those of preventive character, which may in certain cases exclude tax claims resulting from audits run by tax agencies.

The law firm of Padva&Epshtein evaluates the business operation exercised by various business entities with respect to tax exaction risks, and upon due analyses establishes tax consequences of transactions to be concluded.

Our tax experts offer the following scope of legal services:

  • Tax expertise of transactions and business solutions as regards potential tax consequences and risks
  • Legal support in the duration of desk or field tax audits, and other acts of tax control
  • Legal representation of clients’ interests at every stage of tax dispute, including pleas filed with Supreme Arbitration Court.
  • Representation of management officers of the company in administrative disputes emanating from tax liability
  • Consultancy on tax law applicability issues
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