Corporate law

Corporate practice is one of the leading activities of Padva&Epstein. We are ready to assist in correctly setting up a business, developing the optimal corporate structure, improving manageability of companies which constitute a business, resolving corporate disputes, and facilitating restructuring processes aimed at minimizing the risks of creditors’ actions.

One of the key sectors of corporate practice is legal protection of business from hostile corporate actions. 

Our corporate practice lawyers have extensive experience in providing the following legal services:

  • Legal support of structuring and representing parties in merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions, including those with “troublesome” legal entities and companies with non-remunerative assets
  • Corporate restructuring of legal entities groups (holding companies), non-core assets procedures, partition of big businesses
  • Assisting all corporate activities
  • Restructuring debt obligations
  • Legal checkup (Legal Due Diligence) on business entities, business operation or assets
  • Antimonopoly legislation consultancy
  • Representation in corporate disputes
  • Setting up, reorganization and liquidation of non-resident legal entities, including those with foreign capital
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