The number of bankruptcies caused by the failure of debtor companies to meet financial obligations has risen considerably since the beginning of 2009.

The Padva&Epstein law firm possesses extensive experience in providing legal support on bankruptcy proceedings issues to companies representing various segments of business: manufacturing companies, retail chains, developers’ structures, agribusiness companies, etc.

To provide such a packaged service as this one, we have composed a team of highly qualified lawyers including those specializing in corporate practice, taxation, finance, arbitration and real estate.

Our lawyers possess all the necessary skills and experience to satisfy your legal needs regarding bankruptcy procedures.

Creditor rights protection

The major indemnity of effectuation of creditor’s claims as a result of debtors’ bankruptcy is qualified legal representation of creditor’s interests at every stage of proceedings

  • Initiating bankruptcy procedures
  • Control and legal estimation of the arbitration manager’s operation
  • Representation of creditor’s interests at the meetings (committees) of creditors
  • Representation of creditor’s interests in the arbitration court: elaboration of his legal position with regard to establishment of the amount of creditor’s claims to the debtor as well as to the appointment of the arbitration manager, filing complaints on arbitration manager’s acts or willful failures or his disqualification plea, motions for recognizance of creditors’ meeting resolutions as null and void

Debtor rights protection

In crisis circumstances the number of bankruptcy procedures initiated solely with the purpose of seizing the debtor’s property has greatly increased. Therefore, we at Padva&Epstein offer a broad range of legal services pertaining to protection against abusive creditors’ activities:


  • Elaboration of protection strategies including measures to prevent bankruptcy and minimize losses resulting from the possible initiation of bankruptcy procedures
  • Collection of accounts receivable
  • Representation in negotiations with the debtor’s debtor and creditor companies
  • Developing action programs regarding the implementation of bankruptcy procedures
  • Representing the interests of the debtor company in arbitration court.

Legal services for arbitration managers

Being a reliable mediator between arbitration managers, creditors and the debtor, we offer the following services for arbitration managers:


  • Legal support in bankruptcy issues with regards to any categories of debtors
  • Court representation of arbitration managers’ interests to protect their rights and lawful interests as well as those of self-regulatory institutions which may be violated as result of complaints and pleas filed by creditors, authorized agencies, representatives of the debtor shareholders or the employees
  • Legal work pertaining to the disposition of debtor’s assets
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