Family and inheritance law

For many clients, business goals and family issues cannot be separated. The comprehensive work of the firm in the sphere of commercial disputes and bankruptcy procedures has always been carried out with the understanding of this fact, which allowed us to form valuable experience in successful solving of personal property issues of our clients. Now the practice of family and inheritance law has become a separate area of the services provided by the firm.

The specificity of family law relations is associated with the need to provide services on the basis of strict confidentiality and build trusting relationships between the lawyers and the client. Effective legal solutions regarding personal assets are made with taking into account the norms of family and civil law as well as special laws – on bankruptcy, public service, banking, and many others.


Family and inheritance law services:

  • Legal support for corporate management of family business
  • Divorce and disputes regarding the separation of the joint property of the spouses
  • Search for assets, including foreign jurisdictions
  • Consultation in the sphere of management and protection of family assets
  • Consultation in the sphere of hereditary relations and hereditary disputes
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