Fixed sum

Fixed sum
From our experience and preliminary estimation of services, we calculate the cost of legal support and coordinate it with the client.


  • Before the work starts, the client has an exact idea of costs he is to bear
  • If more services are required to successfully implement project, it will not affect the total cost. Once settled, the sum remains unchanged

Hourly-based fee
This is most usual manner of payment for most of our foreign and some Russian clients. We suggest it for individual consultations or commissions to our lawyers or when this method is more convenient for a client.

Success fee
Our client is entitled to pay for the result rather than for the process: the services are paid once the result required is obtained.

In any of these cases we strictly adhere to some important principles:

  • the first meeting to discuss the matter and precontractual work are always free of charge
  • we assess the prospects of solving the problem and discuss them with the client without fail before concluding a contract
  • we render services in strict accordance with the schedule settled with the client, with time compliance guaranteed
  • the client receives detailed reports of the results of our services as regularly as he finds appropriate
  • no contingencies for the client – you will know about all costs that may arise before we start rendering services
  • services of technical personnel do not increase the cost of services
  • you can always contact our company’s specialists and management to discuss the status of work and ask questions – there is no charge for such calls or meetings
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