Environmental law

Ecology and environment protection issues are becoming increasingly important. Requirements posed by state and public institutions with respect to the observance of ecological regulations have become far more stringent. Inspections by duly competent agencies of real estate – both already built or under construction – to verify whether they meet ecological standards, are becoming more and more frequent. Regrettably, in many cases the claims turn out to be groundless and biased. That puts industrial companies under special risk, as the type of business is potentially threatening with major damage to the environment.

In these conditions it is essential to understand the foundations and principles of environmental law. Today incompetence in ecology-related issues means putting the development of your business in jeopardy.

Our experts possess extensive experience in consulting on legal issues of natural resources management and environmental protection, as well as procurement of relevant licences and permissions, abidance by environmental quality standards regulations in the course of business operation, and indemnification of environmental damage.

Services in the area of ecological law include:

  • Consultations on various issues of environmental law (natural resource exploitation and environment protection issues, ownership of nature complexes, protection of the ecological rights and lawful interests of natural persons and legal entities)
  • Resolution disputes pertaining to environmental protection legislation
  • Consultations on the applicability of environmental protection legislation
  • Pre-trial resolution of disputes, representation of clients in courts


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